All About Define Your Shine

Shawntell Hansen

If you are ready to:
move through your life and take tangible action
have a life of fulfillment and abundance
learn more about yourself and how to live authentically
let go of feelings of unease, and being stuck, knowing and feeling as if there is “more” tap into your life’s purpose be self-responsible, open-minded, and determined to start living a life with intention and joy.

Define Your Shine Details:
One-hour sessions, once a week. You will receive unconditional love, coaching, and a #1 SuperFan (ME)!
Coaching tools, exercises, and reflections will help guide you through where you are right now. 
You and I will discover areas that are difficult and co-create clear, structured actions to get you crushing goals! 
We will discuss new topics aimed at processing your specific areas of improvement. 
You will access new power and possibilities by removing old beliefs. 
Be empowered to live in your truth. 
Invest in your most precious commodity-YOU!

What do they saying about Shawntell?

"This is so spot on!! I needed to hear this today! I love the part about how we make up so much in our own minds that's not even true! Thank you, friend! ❤"

"Ugh... I try very hard to NOT feel my feelings! I'm always all over the place! Lol. I feel tears coming on with this challenge!"

"I love this concept and the “origin” story behind it. But, most of all, I love you. You’re a gift to the world 😍"

"You are amazing Shawntell. I have followed your life coaching journey and I am inspired. You are a beautiful person and God definitely knew what he was doing when he led you to your life coaching journey. If you can get through to me...and trust me I have a lot I have carried on me throughout the years. Know your voice is making women and girls see a light at the end of a very long and rough road." 

"I cried today...twice...once for my hurting inner child and once in celebration of showing her who she is! I am on a journey of self-love...this journey is not always easy and being courageous enough to not only acknowledge my needs, wants, and passions but to speak them, ask for them and live them...whew it is scary-beautiful! Over the last week I have communicated my needs and wants, I stood scared, shaking, and choosing to speak and show up for myself. Through the fear that attempted to shake and break me...I stood! I feel a fire inside me and can't wait to see what I have in store for my essence! I am Love, Connection, Radiance, Play, and Spirit...I choose her! Thank you Define Your Shine, I can't wait to see where I grow from here! ❤💕"

"Your words have been so helpful lately...I'm struggling with work, being a mom, my ex who is an ass and a teen girl who does not want to be with him. I'm stuck in the middle. It's hard not to say what's on my mind to him but your videos have helped me! You're making a difference and I think it's awesome! Thank you for not making us feel like we are alone in this life thing. I know you've had your struggles but you are brave to talk about it! You're an inspiration to us all!"

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