If you are ready to:

move through your life and take tangible action

have a life of fulfillment and abundance

learn more about yourself and how to live authentically

let go of feelings of unease, and being stuck, knowing and feeling as if there is “more”

tap into your life's purpose

be self-responsible, open-minded, and determined to start living a life with intention and joy.

Define Your Shine Details:

One-hour sessions, once a week. You will receive unconditional love, coaching, and a #1 SuperFan (ME)!

tools, exercises, and reflections designed to help you through where you are right now. 

You and I will discover areas that are difficult and co-create clear structured actions to get you crushing goals! 

We will discuss new topics aimed at processing your specific areas of improvement. 

Access new power and possibilities by removing old beliefs. Be empowered to live in your truth. 

I offer 1-on-1 coaching, reclaiming your inner power group for women, and half-day workshops.  


invest in your most precious commodity-YOU!


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