deFINE Your shINe™️

Oh My San Diego...I have grown more in love with you this weekend! Thank you to all the new supporters on my page! What is Define Your Shine? A favorite phrase for at least seven years of my life was "I'm FINE" 😂🥰. A favorite mantra of mine is "true happiness comes from the INside". deFINE Your shINe? Once we become clear that "I'm fine" is not providing value to us, then we can DISCOVER areas of improvement. Once we DEFINE the value that those discoveries can create for you; I will support you in every milestone, hurdle, declaration, celebration, and everything in between. I've got you! The possibilities are endless! I assert that the value you create IN you and for YOU, will SHINE brighter on every journey you DEFINE for your life. It's all coming from a place that is fully YOU! Let's move past "I'm Fine" and move into "I SHINE"!!


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