Presence Is A True Gift!

This picture goes out to all you brave, courageous parents LOL!

Although my kiddos are not this itty bitty anymore, I can still "hear" them shouting at me often. Only now, it is not through their voice. This picture reminded me of my practice recently, because it is a perfect representation of BEING PRESENT. This message is a gift to you all from my heart.

Do you notice other people's body language, facial expressions, their energy, sometimes completely shift for "no reason", or maybe you "think" you know the reason? You can literally feel it, see it, you could "hear a pin drop", and it even feels as if you can or want to grab a hold of it and manage it in some capacity. "Houston, we've got a problem"! What if we try something different and new?! Here are some possible options to choose from.

When we "lean back" and really BE with others, we are more able to see the suffering in them, at any level. We know the same suffering, be it deep rooted or surface, because we are also human and feel it just as often. We can give others much more than we ever have, if we can practice noticing them, right where they are. We can show them, from a beautifully powerful place of peace, a true and genuine gift. The gift of being present.

This has been my personal practice for 3 weeks now, and it has changed all the relationships in my life, including my parenting (I'm raising the bar my friends hahaha). It has changed my connection to ALL humans.

The Art of Communication - Thich Nhat Hanh - he talks about the 6 Mantras of loving speeches, and I know he is on to something very important – how to keep the door of communication open.

They come in this order, and before you say any of the mantras, perform 3 “breathe in, breathe out” to bring calm to yourself:

I am here for you.

Powerful statement to show you are present and you are there with the other person. Or say this to yourself to bring you to the present.

I know you are there, and I am very happy.

Say this after you have practiced the first one. This mantra is important to reaffirm that the presence of the other person means a lot to you, and they will feel they are loved.

I know you suffer, and that is why I am here for you.

When you sense that things are not going well with the other person, rather than trying to fix things for her or him, say this to offer your presence.

I suffer. I want you to know it. I don’t understand why you did or said what you did. So please explain. I need your help.


I suffer, please help.

When you get hurt especially by someone you care a lot about, you either suffer silently or get back at the other person. By saying this, you open a dialogue, and you immediately suffer less.

This is a happy moment.

You show the other person how lucky you feel when they are there, and you can enjoy happiness together right here and right now.

You are partly right.

This is the mantra when you are praised through the moon by someone, or when someone criticizes you. They see only a part of you and not the total you. You can use this when you look at other people too. Maybe you become more understanding.


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