You’ve Seen Me!

Did you see me at my worst?

You saw me with very little compassion, and grace. You saw me with resentment, fear, anger, and loneliness. You saw me depressed, with anxiety, and numbing my pain by self-medicating. You saw me unmotivated to make changes, you saw me stuck, and not knowing how to dig my way out. You saw me stray from my core moral compass. You saw me lacking integrity and honor. You saw me vulnerable, and with little to believe in. You saw me fail, repeatedly possibly…

Why did you see me at my worst?

Because that’s how I was showing up for you all! If we all continue to show up in this way for each other, how can we truly offer anyone around us anything better than what we are giving ourselves? Once I changed my thoughts and my limiting beliefs, I saw possibility! A possibility that this just might not be all there is for me. There’s no way we are here to suffer like this. I wasn’t failing, I was growing and learning and evolving in self-development. I was creating space to support others, a clean slate, to only see other humans Being. Let’s stop reviewing the old, learned way of doing and step into OUR BEING, our true authentic self!

I saw myself fight with courage and bravery, to change those thoughts that said, “I see you at your worst”. I saw the forgiveness and grace I offered myself and I felt it change my heart. It was filled with compassion and understanding for other humans just doing “normal” human things. I saw my resentment, anger and fear melt away when I chose love and mercy. I saw my need for numbing the pain and suffering subside and replaced with self-care and being well. I saw the ripple of changes happening all around me, positively impacting the relationships and environment around me. I saw a light and it energized me; I allowed the support to guide me to believe in the possibility of ME!

How are you showing up for those you love and care about? When will you choose you? Is it costing you anything by staying where you are (emotional, relational, or monetary)? How will you make a difference from where you are right now?

Are you ready to DEFINE YOUR SHINE?! You don’t need to wait “UNTIL” anything, you just need to act on your behalf, for yourself because YOU are worth it! I acted 7 years ago and knowing what I know now, we should have all been given an appointed life coach to be on standby for life with our birth certificates BUAHAHAHAHAHA!


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