What is it - A Commitment To A New Way

We are committing to living intentionally. Despite what's happening in the world around us when it feels out of control, we choose peace.

Why - The Heart-Center Matters

When this virus began to spread at a more rapid pace, I felt more fear creeping into my thoughts, causing feelings of anxiety and scarcity. This virus disrupted my already busy routine. Now, on top of it all, we're wearing more hats. Homeschooling, and having our kiddos 24/7 is not without challenges. I had a moment sometime a couple of weeks ago when I thought, "How in the heck will I make it through? If I get served up one more thing on my plate, I might go insane?" Does this sound familiar? With command, as a family, we choose to be at peace in the present, even in a crisis. We have defined a new routine to get us through these difficult times. We also committed to holding each other accountable, and that got me thinking. 

Join Our Community - We Are Better Together

I thought maybe we could all be in this together. We are all experiencing the same chaos right now. Let's lean on one another. I am offering this guide to help gain clarity, and prioritize so you can fit in all you want. The reality is we can do this without feeling overwhelmed or completely exhausted. You will create realistic plans for long-lasting peace and sanity. You can also join our FB Group only for sanity subscribers!


Reclaiming Your Heart's Center & What You Will Get:​

Connect to matters of your heart and prioritize all the things.​

Learn to give your ordinary structures a new character. Balance time and manage energy.​

I'll give you five tips on love, family, home, and support from one woman to another.​ 

I acknowledge you! STAY STRONG! Be proud of what you do. You'll get some tips on how to boost your wild woman confidence.

You'll learn the importance and necessity of self-care.



All the tools you need to help you get the most out of this and keep the hair on your head is in the instant download.

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