Reclaiming your inner power is specially designed for women: single mama's, women who are going through/struggling with a divorce or breakup, or women in other difficult transitions (from working mom to stay-at-home mom, domestic violence and mental/emotional abuse). Reclaiming your inner power is a step towards feeling as if you exist again, not just surviving! I know the impact emotionally, physically, relational, and spiritual these experiences can have. I know the feeling of suffocation. I know I felt too weak even to get up some days. I know that feeling of being under attack or backed into a corner. I know what it feels like to try and numb the pain with temporary fixes. I know shame, guilt, judgment, resentment, fear, and all the feelings in between. I also know that you can create a different experience, a life-changing experience, a forever transformation, and overcome it all.


We embody a perfect piece within us. By connecting to this source, you will learn to trust/be trusted, deepen your connections, communicate painful truths, and love unconditionally.


You WILL ignite that fire that burns inside and reclaim

your inner power.


If you are ready to: 

Connect with other women who want to be seen & gotten

Connect to who you are, what you want & why your heart desires it

Push past illusions, born of fear

Empower yourself and other women to be your true authentic selves.

Create your life to be in harmony with your true essence

Find your life's purpose

Live in peace and joy

Find forgiveness in all.

Then, let's go on a journey.


Reclaim Your Inner Power Details:

One-hour sessions, once a week. You will receive unconditional love, coaching, and a #1 SuperFan (ME)!

You and I will discover areas that are difficult and co-create lear structured actions to get you crushing goals! 

Two, one-hour group sessions a month, will aid in your healing process. We will discuss new topics aimed at processing these specific life transitions.

Connect to other women all accessing new power and possibilities. Connect to a community that will empower one another to live in our truth. 

Receive tools, exercises, and reflections designed to help you through where you are right now. 


Program Length: Six Months

Enrollment Ends: Last day of each month

Intensive One-Day Workshop Available:

Please contact Shawntell for details

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